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Get inspired by a portrait series, video installation and an interactive social sculpture


Creating a documentary on LGBTQ seniors, life, love and the wisdom of growing older


Help raise funds and celebrate every day equality and diversity


In March 2016, Burrard Arts Foundation (*BAF) will host The March Sweater Exhibit. The exhibit features: a portrait series, video installation and an interactive social sculpture.

The portrait series features black and white portraits of LGBTQ seniors in Vancouver.

The video installation, presented in a dark immersive environment, will feature a silent black and white film of an LGBTQ senior. The film, created by Johnny Jansen, will be accompanied by an original score created by a Cayne MacKenzie of We Are the City.

The interactive social sculpture, in collaboration with Tangible Interaction, will welcome the community to explore human connection and the collective intelligence that emerges from collaboration. Participants will build a sculpture using pink dowels and 3D-printed connectors. The sculpture will change shape and morph as participants collectively link the dowels together, connecting one location to another.

This series has been designed to inspire conversation of aging while illuminating the city's aged population as positive role models within our communities.

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The March Sweater will produce an original documentary featuring LGBTQ seniors from around British Columbia speaking of life, love and growing older.

The documentary film, funded by TELUS Optik Local, is based mainly around interviews with compelling LGBTQ storytellers sharing their wisdom on life love and growing older. Cues from their stories will create visual elements for the film.

Amazing Factory Productions, a Vancouver based production company of four family members: siblings, Joseph and Amanda Schweers, as well as their cousins, Joshua and his brother Andrew Huculiak, will create the documentary.

Amazing Factory Productions is centred around three award‐winning filmmakers – Joseph, a graduate of the Digital Film program at Ai Burnaby, Joshua, a graduate of the Film Production program at VFS, Andrew, a multi‐award winning student filmmaker, and Amanda, the manager with extensive event and project management experience.

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The March Sweater is a classic grey crewneck sweatshirt developed to raise funds and awareness for the LGBTQ community. Each sweatshirt aligns its wearer with the LGBTQ community, signifying their allegiance to supporting equality, diversity and LGBTQ rights.

The March Sweater is a daily and visible reminder to celebrate the the lesbian, gay, bi, transgender, queer and straight that had the courage to go forth as one but march as ten thousand. A sweater for every man woman and child that ever dared to say: This is who I am.

The March Sweater displays an inverted pink triangle "dorito" on the neck. This symbol originated in Natzi concentration camps. Homosexual prisoners were required to sew a pink triangle on their outer garments as a badge of shame. In 1971, the pink triangle was reclaimed as an international symbol of gay pride.

Kenta Goto will design The March Sweater. Kenta has produced designs in streetwear, fashion, and skate brands including Reigning Champ, Livestock, Alife.

The March Sweater will be sold through Kickstarter from March 1-31, 2016 as a limited run.

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